Solar LED street light, landscape garden light


Street Lights

  The latest street light price in May 2019: the price of the whole set of LED street lights is 860 yuan (including light poles, LED lights), the whole set of solar street lights cost 1190 yuan (including the whole set of solar modules, street light poles), the price of garden lights is 430 yuan (including light holders, LED light source), landscape light price 1550 yuan set (including light pole and LED light source strip), solar garden light price 950 yuan per set (including low-power solar modules, LED light source and garden light pole), ordinary street light lights Each 280 yuan (die-cast aluminum integrated profile lights, including the United States Puri LED light beads), ordinary street light pole price of 380 yuan each (integral hot-dip galvanized spray)

 Street Lights
Street Lights
Type: solar street light LED street light pole street light landscape light courtyard light lawn light high pole light Chinese light is used to illuminate the road at night or in order to meet the needs of the landscape. Even LED lanterns and underwater spotlights hanging from trees fall into the cat

Solar street lights

Solar street lights
Type: solar street lights solar LED street lights solar courtyard lights solar landscape lights solar lawn lights can be converted into a solar energy luminous street lights through a solar energy control system without alternating current. LED is commonly used as the main power supply, and of cours

LED street lights

LED street lights
Type: LED solar street lights LED courtyard lights LED landscape lights LED lawn lights LED lights belt through constant current source to convert current stability, by a multi-claw chip to form a single or more efficient light source, the advantages of very small power consumption, long life,and eas

Garden light

Garden light
Type: Solar Garden Lights LED Garden Lights Community Garden Lights Stainless Steel Garden Lights Chinese Garden Lights European Garden Lights A simple decorative streetlight in a residential garden and other places. Previously used in the form of wooden lanterns, now all kinds of materials are avail
Landscape light

Landscape light
Type: Solar Landscape Light LED Landscape Light Garden Landscape Light Residential Landscape Light Antique Landscape Light is an upgraded version of the garden light, which belongs to a very complicated garden light. The main difference is the shape, height and price.
 Chinese lantern
Chinese lantern
Type: Solar Chinese Light LED Chinese Lantern Lanterns are commonly used in 5-fork 6 fire, 8-fork 9 fire and 11-fork 12 fire type. The street lamps with Chinese characteristics are designed according to the shape of the flower. Commonly used are Hibiscus lamp and orchid lamp. Lotus leaf lamp
Main Products: Solar Led Street Lights;Solar Courtyard Lights;Landscape Main Market Mainland East Asia Southeast Asia Middle East Africa and Europe
Main Industry: Street lighting, courtyard lighting Mode: Street Lights Production
Company Name: Yangzhou Platinum Lighting Technology Co., Ltd Registered Address: Guoji Town Industrial Concentration Area, Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province CHINA
Plant Area: 2080 square meters
Key Customer: Government municipal, park 
Certification ISO 9000 ISO 9001 CE ROSE Employees 120 
Product introduction. 
Solar street lights
Transforming solar energy into a luminous street light with solar energy control system! LED Street Light:

Energy efficient illuminated street light consisting of LED lamp beads.

Solar garden light:
Solar street system, energy saving, easy to install, a landscape street light!
Landscape light:
A scenic streetlight dotted with scenic lighting in the tourist area! Beautiful and atmospheric.

  • 路灯照明工程安装单位
  • Heyun Expressway Linyi Xikou Street Lighting Project
    Heyun Expressway Linyi Xikou St
  • Linzhou Sports Committee
    Linzhou Sports Committee Street
  • Anyang West District Lighting Project Headquarters
    Anyang City West District Light
  • Genesis Transgenic Technology Co., Ltd.
    Genesis Co., Ltd. streetlight p
  • Heihe City Construction Company Street Light Project
    Heihe City Construction Company
  • Xinxiang City Highway Construction Headquarters
    Xinxiang City Highway Construct




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